Surfing is the new fad among Chennaites, thanks to these schools

Gone are those days when Chennai’s beaches were meant only for taking a stroll or watching the sunrise. Chennaites are taking to the beach, reading and riding, one wave at a time. Surfing is the new fad among Chennaites and surf culture is fast catching up.

Be it kids flocking to the surfing camps or techies going on team outings to the surfing schools, this sport is becoming the new way of life in Chennai. With a coastline ideal for surfing and the fishermen community embracing the sport, the shores of Chennai are scripting inspiring tales of surfing.

The shallow beaches of Mahabalipuram makes it easier and safer for even non-swimmers to learn surfing. From options to tryout surfing for a few hours to providing extensive surfing lessons, the surfing schools in Chennai would be useful to beginners, experts and ‘doubters’ alike.

So, wear that sunscreen and get ready to paddle and pop, Chennai!

Bay of Life

Address: 9/9, Muthumariamman koil Street,Kunnukadu village, Kovalam, Chennai

This accredited surfing school in Kovalam offers different programs catering to various groups including surfing camps and team outing packages.

But the most attractive of all is the beginners’ surfing course starting with a 1.5 hour tryout session for Rs.1500/-. They say a surfer remembers catching his first wave and the experience of standing up on the surf-board for the first time never gets washed away – If there is any truth in this, one would be making memories that will last a lifetime here.

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Covelong Point

Address: Covelong Point Surf School, Kovalam, Chennai – 603112

Started by Murthy Megavan, with a noble cause to bring social upliftment to fishermen community, this surfing school is also known for its annual surfing contest and the celebs it attracts year after year to the dreamy Kovalam beach.

The ideal way to hit the waves and make a splash is with their introductory classes starting at Rs.1500/- for 2 hours.

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Image Source: fb/Surfing Covelong Point

Mumu Surf School

Address: Mahabalipuram (+91-9789-844-191/+91-9840-204-187)

Yet another accredited surfing school where one can learn the art of surfing against the beautiful backdrop of Mahabalipuram shore temple.

Their beginner’s lessons start from Rs.1300 for 90 minutes. The same course is available for Rs.900/person for a group of more than 4 people.

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Ocean Delight Surf School

Address: 2/92 Bajanai Kovil Street, Covelong 603112

Manikandan aka Appu is the soul and spirit behind Ocean delight Surf School which started in 2015.This fisherman turned volleyball player turned Surfer gives free lessons to fishermen kids in the neighborhood and also kick-started  Beach Ocean Life project, an initiative to keep Chennai’s beaches clean.

A private surf lesson here for 1.5 hours costs Rs. 1,300. (For a group of 4 people, the surfing lessons are available at Rs.1000 per person for 1.5 hours)

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Image Source: Ocean Delight Surf School