With bio-metric attendance system and CCTV cameras, this Chennai Corporation School is setting an example

The first thing one would notice upon entering this school would be a a finger print scanner that is used by teachers and students to log attendance. A CCTV system boasting of 8 high-end cameras and a public address system for the principal to interact with students are other features that wouldn’t miss one’s attention. Add an aquarium and multiple bird cages to this and you would already be thinking of one of those international schools in the city.

But, all these facilities and more are not in any ultra expensive private school. It’s all present in one of the humble schools under Chennai Corporation in Kodungaiyur near Moolakadai junction. The facilities made available to the students in this corporation run school are at par with any private school, all thanks to the school administration who are putting every penny available to good use. This technologically advanced school is also able to attract more students and have been seeing a consistent raise in their enrollment.

Chennai High School, Kodungaiyur had been having 100% pass percentage for five years since 2013. The reward given by Chennai Corporation for this achievement is Rs.1 Lakh and the school authorities have wisely used this for the upliftment of the school. The school has also received some donations from well wishers. This is the first corporation school to have installed a bio-metric attendance system.

More than 95% of students are from backward and scheduled caste communities. “These children live in unpleasant conditions. Providing better facilities at school make them feel positive about the concept of attending school. So, they make it a point to not miss school,” TOI reported M Subashchandran, headmaster-in-charge of the school, as saying. Lot of effort goes behind achieving 100% pass percentage as the school also takes in drop outs from private schools.

Chennai High School, Kodungaiyur is definitely setting an example for government run schools in the city! Kudos the school authorities!

This is the way to go! 

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