Summer is around the corner, and it’s that time of the year when we hear more often of ‘Dei Machan, juice shop polam da!” It is when every corner of every road is filled with either aloe vera juice vandi or lime or watermelon. It is that time when kids run behind ice vandi grabbing some pennies from parents. It is also the time for summer breaks to go to granny’s house or play with friends in the evenings. That’s not all!

Summer and fresh fruit juices are a deadly combination. Many juice shops in Chennai are doing their best to keep their shops as clean and tidy as possible due to social distancing norms.

Today, we are with the top 7 picks for the best juice shops in Chennai that you must check out this summer. 

Juice Box – Relish the goodness of fresh fruit juices. Jug-Juice or the 700 ml juice that is super-selling here starts at only Rs 40! Here you will find real-fresh juices that are sure to keep you hydrated for the rest of your day. This tiny juice shop in Velachery might seem small, but they have various juices, and that’s not all. While sipping your favorite fruit, you can also try some lite-bites to hog on.

Location – Velachery Main Road

Time – 10 am – 11:30 pm

Cost – Starts at Rs 40

Saaral Juice Factory – Enjoy some thick and no-water fresh fruit juices in Chennai from the Saaral Juice factory starting at Rs 10! This tiny juice shop in Bessy has all the amazing juices. Stay assured of getting some fresh magic potion in your juice mugs. Papaya, guava, sapota, orange, grapes are some of the very few to mention. And the best of all, they are fresh, tasty, thick with real fruits and start at a very nominal rate.

Location – Adyar

Time – 7 am – 11 pm

Cost – Starts at Rs 10

Madhu Sri Amudham Juice Shop – If there are two things that one longs for during Chennai summers, the first would be a juice and the second, still a juice! This particular juice shop in West Mambalam is famous for its unique drink with a combination of tender coconut and palm. We bet most of you would not have had the Elaneer – Nongu combination. But this summer, you should try it for all the obvious reasons – first, it’s super healthy and hydrating, and second, it is a fantastic combo. They have some super-awesome fresh fruit juices. Variety is their middle name, and you can be assured of having so much that you will want to skip your lunch! You can find all the juices here in medium, large and extra-large jugs too! What else does one need this summer? Check out this place for yourself and make the most of it!

Location – West Mambalam

Time – 8:30 am to 10 pm

Cost – Starts at Rs 70

Lassi Shop – Located in Thousand Lights, this shop has got just the right stuff to beat the summer heat. Fresh lime juice, ginger-lime juice, and Moroccan mint lime juice are only a few things to name. Besides some lip-smacking juices, they also have more than five different varieties of lassi. Mocktails, ice creams, and falooda are other items to hog on.

Location – Thousand Lights

Time – 11 am – 11 pm (All days)

Cost – Rs 150 per person

Juice in Juice – Indulge in some yummy summer juice time sessions at this place. This is the right place to grab some cold and fresh juices to keep you going in the scorching heat. Some of the juices available are pure orange extract juice, watermelon juice, tender coconut mango juice, pure strawberry fruit juice, pineapple, and much more. So the next time you are around Kilpauk, you know where to knock.

Location – Kilpauk

Time – 9 am – 11 pm (All days)

Cost – 150 per person

Amudham Juice Shop – This fruit juice shop in Kodambakkam is always buzzing with people as they have the best juices in Chennai at the cheapest rates. The best and unique thing about this place is that they use tender coconut water instead of regular water to dilute the fruit pulp for juices. This gives a unique blend and taste, and they have some fantastic combinations as well. Also, they have 280 varieties of juices here! How cool is that!? Why don’t you check it out for yourself?

Location – Kodambakkam

Time – 9 am to 11 pm (All days)

Cost – Starts at Rs 50

LemonTree Juice Centre – For some fresh fruit and vegetable juices, this is one of the best spots in Chennai. With clean and neatly maintained space, they also serve other items like falooda and lassi. Black lady, Old boy, Saudi, Royal gold, Hattrick, Jughead, Freedom, are some of the very quirky juice names you will find here. The best-selling beverage here is Aval Milk that mimics a traditional Kerala beverage. 

Location – Royapettah

Time – 9 am to 11 pm (All days)

Cost – Starts at Rs 50

These top 7 juice shops in Chennai are a must-try for this summer. So next time you head out, keep this blog ready to pounce on some of the best juice shops in Chennai. While you become a juice-shop hopper, don’t forget to take your mask and a sanitizer along! 

What do you think? Do you have any of your favorite picks that we haven’t mentioned here, let us know in the comments section below! We would love to try them too!