TN Govt. Fixes Rs.20 and Rs.10 as Parking Fee in Movie Theatres

In a move that would bring relief to movie-goers in the state, Tamil Nadu Government has standardised parking ticket fee in movie theatres across the State.

The state government, on Tuesday, announced that the price for parking a car/three-wheeler and two-wheelers in theatres situated within municipal corporations and special grade municipalities has been fixed at Rs.20 and Rs.10 respectively. The same is Rs.5 and Rs.3 respectively, for car/three-wheelers and two-wheelers in town panchayats and villages.

However, theatre-owners are concerned as there is still ambiguity around the pricing as the wait for clarity on whether the parking fee is charged on hourly basis or for a single show. Many theatre-owners have also told The Hindu that the government should be introducing flexi-pricing for movie tickets rather than regulating parking fee.

The theatres located within the malls are unclear on how to implement this regulation as they face logistical challenges to identify if a person is visiting the mall or the multiplex.

While the move has left the theatre-owners confused, it has been widely appreciated by the film industry, especially producers.