The Water Man of India is coming to Chennai with a mission to make Tamil Nadu Drought-Free

The rains had been evading Chennai for months now, but the water man of India is making his way to Chennai, thanks to the efforts of the members of Chennai Water Forum.

Dr. Rajendra Singh, better known as the water man of India, will be with us in Chennai this Saturday,27th May from 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm. He will be sharing his thoughts on how to tackle the drought in Tamil Nadu at Goethe-Institut, Rutland Gate 5th Street, Thousand Lights West, Thousand Lights, Chennai 600 006. The event is open to public and will have a first come first seated policy.

In an interactive session, Chennaites will get to hear from the expert himself on various water harvesting and water management techniques to solve the pressing problems of water crisis.

Dr.Singh has conducted many such sessions across the country spear-heading many water conservation and ground-water preservation projects successfully and now is Chennai’s chance to come together to restore the water security of our state.

About the Man

Dr. Rajendra Singh is a well known water-conservationist whose indigenous water harvesting structures have transformed the barren landscape of Rajasthan into flourishing eco-systems and this has earned him the tag, “Water man of India”. His NGO, Tarun Bharat Sangh’ , fights the slow bureaucracy, mining lobby and has helped villagers take charge of water management in their semi-arid areas close to Thar Desert, through the use of rainwater storage tanks, check dams and other time-tested as well as path-breaking techniques.

Starting from a single village in 1985, over the years, TBS helped build over 8,600 rainwater storage tanks and other water conservation structures to collect rainwater for the drought seasons, has brought water back to over 1,000 villages and revived five rivers in Rajasthan, Arvari, Ruparel, Sarsa, Bhagani and Jahajwali.

He has won the Stockholm Water Prize, an award considered as “the Nobel Prize for water” in 2015.He has also won the Magsaysay Award and is in Guardian’s list of “50 people who could save the planet”.

Dr.Singh has turned-around the fate of many villages and parks, thereby helping many farmers. His NGO has, so far, extended its work to Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. He also conducts Walkathons, spreading awareness on water conservation and management.

About the Organizers

This presentation is a continuance of the Chennai Water Forum. Goethe-Institut Chennai in cooperation with Asian College of Journalism, Confluence 10 and Kalakshetra Foundation and in association with several universities, colleges, NGOs and environmental initiatives harnessed the creative power of a cultural institution to serve as catalyst for dialogue, participation and change during the CHENNAI WATER FORUM during October 2016. With three days of workshops, discussions, presentations, exhibitions and concerts which – brought together 700 people from a cross-section of varied backgrounds as well as experts in water management; – created a new dialogue on water, urbanization and ecology – in Chennai and beyond – changed (partly) mindsets and imagination; – encouraged action: for a city with clean water and beautiful rivers!

So, Chennai, let’s do this one for our farmers and for our next generation! Let’s do our bit to make Tamil Nadu drought-free.

Featured Image Courtesy: © Dieter Telemans/Panos Pictures/Uniphoto Press

15 thoughts on “The Water Man of India is coming to Chennai with a mission to make Tamil Nadu Drought-Free”

  1. first he shd make the tamilnadu govt to proclaim an order for the rain water harvest recharge for allthe deep bore wells i mean bore wells only . which are now so deep up to 300ft

  2. i mean rejuvenationg bore weels during the rainy season in chennaiand also desilting work to be done by govt cost in all lakes around chennai city and all encroachment of unauthorised houses which precvent the flow of water into lake during rains to be done on war footing with out currupt mind by govt

  3. Any one from TN Government attending?
    A documentary may be made in Tamil
    and covered in TV channels to reach people

  4. Is he going to speak in English or Hindi? Would be useful for all the non hindi people if he does his speech in English.

  5. Watershed management to handle drought and to reverse water shortage is NOT a one man problem. A Hero, A Swami, nor a medicine man can reverse this event.

    Drought prevention and water (shed) management is a community driven. Everyone MUST participate and pitch in. There are known, proven tools & methodologies available before our very eyes for thousands of years. We just don’t approach solving this issue as a community.

    So it would not be a surprise if Chennai awaits next miracle man in 2018 and years after. Good luck (well, not really).

  6. someone please take video and voice and upload in youtube, i m not in chennai

  7. you are welcome sir. please Educate our chennaites about Rainwater harvesting from individual houses, preserving water by keeping deep soak pit or closed hand dug wells. i am employed at africa called aquasantec group across Eastern Africa. Also please explain about pond liners which is also a best mean of collecting running water at outskirts of chennai

  8. We have to bring the water level to 30ft maximum from 300ft and 500 ft. .We must have permanent solutions for droughts. …

  9. In many buildings at Chennai RAIN WATER HARVESTING is done only for name sake with out effort to collect the rain water, &store it. Govt should check this first with the help of NGOs.who are specialized. In 1956 I saw the rain water is being collected from all building at PSG college & Tech.. and used effectively in the college.premises

  10. Can some NGO or someone try to bring Waterman dr.singh to Bengalooru so that v all can get educated on how to harvest rain water

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