The much-awaited annual Chennai Book Fair is back

COVID has restricted many things in the city. Two years back this time, the city was booming with a buzz of many events and activities. With the slow and careful standing up on the feet, the city is now confident to host some events and this is indeed good news for all. But let us tell you something special, especially for bookworms.

The much-awaited annual Chennai Book Fair is here. The event will be held from February 24 to March 9. The Book Sellers’ and Publishers’ Association of South India, say the exhibition will be hosted at the YMCA Grounds. The fair will be from 11 AM to 8 PM on the said days and will see various publications and books set up at the stall.

It indeed is a treat to all book-lovers, and one can finally take home their favourite books and relish them for an eternity! Yes, we all miss holding the books and smelling its pages but do not do that while you are there! For, the association members have assured to have the event by following all protocols of COVID-19. So, grab your mask, your own cloth bag for your favourite books and of course, enough cash to buy all that you have on your to-read list!

While there were talks that this event might not happen due to COVID, as it is generally held in the January month, the organizers have decided to go ahead with the event even though it got delayed this time.