Text Hi to Chennai Corporation via WhatsApp and get your queries resolved

In an initiative by the GCC (Greater Chennai Corporation), they have introduced a new program wherein people can just ping ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp to the GCC number – 94999 33644 and get all their queries solved. You can now type ‘Hi’ and raise concerns about various problems and get them solved by being directed to the right office or getting updates on the city’s various happenings.

The communication system is currently available in English and Tamil. The best thing about this new initiative is that you can raise concerns about anything from birth/ death certificates, online services for property and professional tax payment, trade license renewal, and much more. Upon request, the application diverts the person to the right link or connects to the right office for resolving queries. This is a great step as it can be used by even those who are not well-versed in web surfing.

The availability of this service in Tamil makes it more comfortable for the residents of Chennai. The application will also provide other important helpline numbers, updates, complaint status, TN Assembly elections 2021 updates, announcements, and much more. Soon it will also roll out information about the COVID vaccine. This app is a quick and easy tool for everyone to access information and redressal at their fingertips. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Featured image credits – Kicha