Temperature Dropped by 4 Degree C; Chennai Recorded the Coldest Day of the Season on Saturday

Chennai recorded its coldest night this season on Saturday, when the temperature dropped to nearly 19 Celsius.  At Meenambakkam, the minimum temperature fell to 18.2C, which is the coldest the city has felt this winter season.

“The drop in temperature is due to winds from the cold northern and northwestern parts of the country. The inland winds may persist until Tuesday night before wind direction changes again. When the easterly and north easterly winds resume, the temperature will be back to normal.” said Mahesh Palawat of Skymet Weather.

However, the Met office has forecast warm and humid conditions for Tuesday. Monday’s maximum temperature was 29C and the day’s minimum 19C.

During January, Chennai experiences an average aximum and minimum temperature of 29.3 degree C and 21.2 degree C.

Featured Image Source: Kicha