Tamil Nadu Bus Fares Increase by 67%

Tamil Nadu state government has increased the bus ticket fares after around 6 years. The fares have been increased for state run transport corporations and private firms. Times of India reported this as the largest hike in cheapest tickets for a ride on MTC vehicles in Chennai.

The last fare hike was in November 2011 when the diesel cost was Rs.43.10/litre against the current cost of Rs.65.83/litres.

The minimum fare for ordinary service MTC ,that was Rs.3 earlier, has now been raised to Rs.5 and the maximum is Rs.23, up from Rs.14. The raise in fare has been attributed to toll charges, accident claim settlements, cost of fuel, spare parts and maintanence.

The ticket range is between Rs.3 and 9 in non-metros.

The fares for mofussil services are now up by one third. The minimum ticket fare of ordinary town buses has been increased to Rs. 6 from Rs. 5, while For Express buses the minimum fare (upto 30 km) has been raised to Rs. 24 from Rs. 17. The minimum fares of non stop deluxe buses went to Rs. 27 from Rs. 18, while the minimum fares of ultra deluxe buses are now charged at Rs. 33. This was priced at Rs. 21 earlier.

The minimum fares of AC and Volvo buses also increased to Rs. 42 and Rs. 51 respectively, from the existing prices of Rs. 27 and Rs. 33.

The State government stated the liabilities of transport corporation (accumulated at Rs.22,048) as the reason for fare hike.