Some Multiplexes in Chennai offer tickets at reduced rates to woo audiences

The multiplexes in Chennai are taking up measures to woo the movie-goers with reduced ticket prices. Multiplexes like SPI Cinemas, Rohini Silver screens and AGS Cinemas have all chosen to keep the ticket rates under Rs.200 inclusive of the online booking charge of Rs.30.

The government had revised the ticket rates across various classes of theatres in the state a few weeks back raising the base price of tickets in multiplexes to Rs.150. A 28% GST and a 8% LBET will be added to the base price taking multiplex ticket rates to Rs 204. Other language Indian films will have a LBET of 15% and English movies will have a LBET of 20%, taking the ticket rates further higher.

Here are the ticket rates in various multiplexes in Chennai :

Image Source: Times of India.