Social Media Helps In Re-uniting Stranded Paati With Family

In yet another instance of how social media can be effectively used for a good cause, an elderly woman from Chennai, who lost her way, was reunited with her family on Friday.

On Friday morning, Twitter, whatsapp and other social media platforms were abuzz with picture of an elderly woman, clad in red saree and blouse and wearing spectacles, along with a message in Tamil & English that read, “Kaveri, 85, wife of Srinivasan, has lost her way. She only remembers her name and that of her husband. She is now in D3 police station..Share this message till she is reunited with her family.”

The message was originally shared by the officers in D-3 Ice House police station in whatsapp groups. It was the cops at this station who initially spotted the elderly lady wandering near Mylapore temple. They brought her to the station and initiated the search to reunite her with her family.

Many people including officers from Mumbai Police Commissioner Office had reached out.By evening, a relative of the woman came to the station. According to her, Kaveri had come out of an old-age home in Mylapore and did not remember her way back. “The relatives had contacted the Mylapore police station and were directed here. She is still in the home,” The Hindu reported an officer as saying.

The Mumbai Police also took to Twitter confirming the safe re-union of Kaveri paati with her family, addressing the concern of twitteratti.