Lighting up people’s lives – The Adyar Cancer Institute

It is that time of the year when we raise the purple ribbons to say it out loud, “Rise and Shine!”. World Cancer Day is observed every 4th of February to raise awareness of early detection and cancer treatment. The International Cancer control took this initiative to campaign for the cause. Many countries are doing their part in contributing to cancer research and cure, we are proud to have the most successful and a proud institute owing to the same here, in Chennai. 

Adyar Cancer Institute, a non-profit cancer research and treatment centre, was established in 1954. Setting up the cancer institute intended to provide the poor with the best possible cancer treatment at minimal or no fee. Founded by Dr Muthulakshmi Reddy and later headed by her son Dr Krishnamurthy, the institute worked tirelessly in serving those battling this disease. 

The institute was set up with only 12 beds in tents and just two doctors Dr Shanta and Dr Krishnamurthy, to tend to the patients. The institute sees close to one lakh patients every year of which more than 60% are treated for free. The institute has reached many milestones with effortless services by Dr Shanta and her team. She, till her last breath stayed in a one-room house inside the institute to be available for those in an emergency at the institute.

She dedicated most of her life to working in the institute and was awarded Padma Vibhushan, and Padma Bhushan. On this important day, let us remember Dr Shanta, who stood as a strong pillar in the Adyar Cancer Institute until her end of times. Many do things that deeply impact people’s hearts, and Dr Shanta is one of them. And it is a proud thing to say that Namma City Chennai is where the most prestigious institute is located that unceasingly works every day to help the poor and those in this challenging journey.