Laser enabled speed detectors to be set up on highways

TADA-GNT Road and Tiruttani-Tiruvallur Road will soon be enabled with Laser-enabled speed detectors equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. Tiruvallur police is undertaking this project to reduce the number of accidents caused due to speeding.

There has been over 3,390 speeding incidents so far this year and this raising number is the major reason behind the Tiruvallur police implementing this facility for the first time in the state. This is 3 times the number of speeding incidents last year.

Over speeding is one of the major reasons behind many accidents in highways. “Once an over-speeding vehicle is detected, the registration number will be sent to the nearest toll gate and the police. The vehicle will be detained at the toll gate and legal action will be taken,”  The Hindu reported an official as saying.

ANPR systems with cameras will also be installed at 11 traffic signals at important entry-exit points in the district.


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  1. They should also put slow detectors for trucks and heavy vehicles occupying inner lanes and going way below speed limit and blocking access to others and fine them at toll. this is a major cause of accidents as near standstill speed trucks are hard to judge from a distance in expressways which are designed for 100kmph speeds.

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