India vs Australia ODI in Chennai today; MRTS to run special trains

On the occasion of the India vs Australia one day cricket match happening in Chepauk today, Southern Railway will be running additional MRTS services.

Here’s the schedule of special trains :

Special trains will depart from Chennai Beach at 12:30pm, 12:40pm and 12:49pm. The service will be up to Thirumailai station. In the return direction, there will be specials at 1pm, 1:10pm and 1:20pm.

Later, there will be four specials from Chennai Beach to Velachery – at 10:30pm, 10:40pm, 10:49pm and 11:15pm.
In the return direction, the specials will start from Velachery at 11:20pm, 11:40pm, 11:50pm and 12:05am.

Have a happy match day, Chennai!

Featured Image Source : Ben Christopher