How to beat the heat during summer in Chennai

As much as we all adore Chennai, it can get quite burning here during summers. No amount of AC or fan or an old-school cooler is going to help us. Summer is also the time to give an entire makeover to your diet and lifestyle. On the funny side, Chennai is branded to have hot, hotter, and hottest climates, hahaha!

So how do we tackle this heat? What are some secret tips to follow during summers in Chennai to beat the heat? Here are the perfect ones if you are desperately searching for some handy tips to follow during this summer. Time to fold your sleeves (pun intended) and get reading to find more!

Thank God! For The Beach 

No matter what, a quiet early morning and evening breeze is all we need to calm our inner soul, beating the heat. The long coastlines that we have are such a gift to our city to fight against the unforgiving heat. How about taking some breeze while drinking some cold drink or sipping on some ice gola. But be careful, bud, not in the afternoons!

Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover

Hold on! Not asking you to go shopping, though. Pull out all your clothes from your cupboard and pick summer-friendly ones. Revamping your wardrobe is a perfect way to beat Chennai heat. Prefer light and cotton clothes. Pick light colors over dark ones like black or brown. Keep your skin gloves ready if you frequently travel by bike. Keep a napkin handy. Don’t heavy yourself with accessories. The lighter, the better.

Like Planet Earth, Fill Your Body With Lots Of Water

Eight glasses of water a day is something that we always keep hearing from everyone. Make plus one or two extra in summer. Drink plenty of water and make sure you are hydrated. You may skip a glass if you promise yourself to get some tender coconut water. Three liters is your goal. Let’s see if you hit your daily goal!

How About Some Fruit Punches

Hog on water-rich fruits like how a panda hogs bamboos! Watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, oranges, or mosambi. Ditch that muruku for a snack and load your box with some carrots or cucumbers. Lemon soda or lemon juice is another excellent option to consider. 

Go Local

We don’t need English drinks to soothe our hot souls. Going local is the best way to beat Chennai heat this summer. What can beat baby cucumbers cut in the middle and drizzled with salt? Or ‘Namma Ooru More,’ the yummy buttermilk. Drop some ice cubes, and nothing can beat it! Next comes ‘Namma Kambu Koozh’ that is extremely healthy, nutritious, and packed with vitamins. Nongu or palmyra fruit is another amazing choice to beat the heat this summer. Ragi koozh and Nannari Sherbath will also make your summers better and best.

Bring Home Some Greens

You are lucky if you are staying in an apartment that is on the lower floor. But if you are staying right under the terrace or if you feel there is so much heat, bring home some green buddies. Find some indoor plants that can make your home cool. Greens also make your indoors pleasant.

Take Some Time To ‘Chill’ Out 

Consider options that will ‘Chill’ your body. Maybe a dip in the pool? Walk along the beach and wet your feet or probably take some swimming lessons. Take cold showers in the evenings or before going to bed. This can help you cool down your body.

Don’t Forget Your Summer Accessories

Now along with your mask, make sure you pick your summer essentials too! Girls, pick your summer floral tote bag, and boys, choose your coolest backpack if you don’t like totes. Load them with your glasses, hand gloves, a water bottle, a scarf, a sanitizer, an umbrella, or a cap as well. As manageable as it looks, our beloved sun is ever-ready to drink all our energy, so konjam jakardhe.

Good Night Sleep On Your Terrace

Many would have tried this. What are summers with no terrace sleepovers? The beautiful moon looking over you while you lay under it, quenching your thirst for beauty and coolness from the moonlight. Gather your family, play antakshari or have some storytime. Don’t forget to take your mud pot filled with water along with you. 

Keep Your Home Summer Ready

Summer afternoons can be deadly. Keep your home cooler by blocking the heat coming from the windows with dark-colored drapes. Also, use a mud pot to store water for drinking. Keep the windows open in the evenings for some ventilation. 

Summers can be tiring, but still, we all look forward to it for various reasons. While for some, it is mangoes, for others, it means a summer break. Also, there is no denying that summers come with so many memories from childhood that we all love to re-live. Do you want to share some tips to beat the heat this summer in Chennai? Please do! In the comments section below.

Image credit – Hindulal Anusha