Here’s all you need to know about Chennai Suburban Railway New Timetable

Southern Railway has published the new timetable for Suburban trains including the schedule for newly introduced trains and added stops for existing trains. This is to be effective from November 1.

New Services

I) A new MEMU train between Chennai Central and Avadi: It will start from Central at 2:05pm and from Avadi at 2:50pm.

2) EMU from Changalpet to Thirumalpur: It will start from Changalpet at 5:15am and reach Thirumalpur at 6:45am and start from Thirumalpur at 9pm and reach Changalpet at 10pm.

3) A new MEMU train from Chennai Beach to Tiruvallur and Tiruvallur to Central: It will start from Beach at 4:40pm and Tiruvallur at 6:30pm.

New Stops added to existing trains

(i) Train No 43936 Arakkonam – Chennai Beach EMU fast local leaving Arakkonam at 07.50am has a new stop introduced at Thiruvalangadu railway station at 07.58am (departure).
(ii) Train No 66018 Vellore Cantonment – Chennai Beach MEMU fast local leaving Arakkonam at 08.00am is given a new stop at Putlur railway Station at 8.29am. (departure)

Other Changes

a) Train No. 66001 Chennai Central – Avadi MEMU will be extended to Tiruvallur.

b) No 66012 Chennai Beach – Moore Market Complex leaving Chennai Beach at 4:45pm will be fully cancelled from November 1.

c) No. 43701 Chennai Beach – Tiruvallur will leave Chennai Beach at 5.35am, instead of 5.30am from November 1.

d) No 43019 Moore Market Complex – Avadi EMU leaving MMC at 4pm and No 43841 Avadi – Arakkonam EMU leaving Avadi at 4:40pm are merged and will run as No.43419 from Moore Market Complex to Arakkonam with the same timings. No.43419 will leave MMC at 4pm and reach Arakkonam at 5:55pm.

Featured Image Source: Vijay Palanichamy