Greater Chennai Corporation tests new wheelchairs for differently abled at Marina

Greater Chennai Corporation has held a test run of new beach wheelchairs with balloon tyres ahead of World Disability Day on December 3rd. The test run was conducted with the help from Disability Rights activists at Marina.

Regular wheelchairs do not get access to the beach as they usually get stuck on sand. This is where the balloon tyres will come in handy as they help the wheelchair roll over the sand smoothly and can be taken closer to the shoreline.

“We managed to procure four wheelchairs and are trying to get more so that they can be kept at the beach and can be used by the differently abled”, a corporation official told The Times of India.

Chennai Corporation usually installs temporary pathways to help differently abled access the beach, every year on world disability day. These ramps will later be removed. This year, however, people with disability can access the beach on these new wheelchairs without being restricted to the ramp.

Featured Image Courtesy: The Times of India