Craft Expo Coming up at Island Grounds

Many know Trade Fair, and they do know where it is held every year. The Island Grounds along the Marina is an extravagant open space where frequent events happen. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, Government of Tamil Nadu has prohibited any events in such vast areas that may attract a huge crowd.

But with things getting back to normalcy, the Island Grounds is once again all set to light up for the ‘Hunar Haat’ by the Union Minority Affairs Ministry. The busy space that has been initiated for a very long time now missed the Annual India Tourist and Industrial Trade Fair last year. The
tourism department is now all set to open it for exhibitions that will bring back the place’s charm.

The ‘Huat Haat’ will provide a platform for various artisans and craftsmen to bring the best of their skills and make it available for people to explore and buy. The event scheduled to be held on second week of February, is a long-awaited event for Island Grounds. The aim is to uplift the craftsmanship for many artisans and generate revenue from the event through the 29-acre property.

The last event that the place had seen was the annual mandatory firecrackers fair in November post which the land was unused for any occasions. However, the officials state that the event will be conducted with stringent rules and precautions for COVID-1; making sure there social
distancing and other essential norms. Previously the Island Grounds was used for various events that attract many tourists and locals. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation’s former official N Ravi stated that the place could house up to 20,000 people even after social distancing

Featured image courtesy Ashok Raj C U