CMRL does its bit to help save water

As a part of the remedy to the severe water shortage that Chennai has been facing, Chennai metro has stepped up to the rescue by implementing the use of aerators in all the washrooms of its stations in its phase I project.
Aerators are devices proven to be very effective in water conservation as they limit the flow of water. These devices are fit at the end of taps and faucets in washrooms. By installing aerators, Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has ensured that more than 35% of water is conserved at each station.
“We have started fitting these aerators at various stations, including Anna Nagar East, Anna Nagar Tower, Thirumangalam and Chennai Central,” an official said.
CMRL’s other initiative towards conserving water, by switching off air conditioners has proven to be very effective in conserving water. Water consumption has been reduced by more than half, with statistics proving that consumption has reduced from a reported 405 kilo litres a day to about 150 kilo litres a day.
Chennai Central Metro station continues to remain the only exception to this policy primarily because it is located 25 m below ground level and the lack of air-conditioning would cause inconvenience to the passengers.