Chennai to soon get a brand new ‘Poonga’

Big and exciting news to all those who love taking a stroll in the greens. A new park, Senthangal Poonga, will be opened soon for all park lovers. There’s an interesting reason behind the park being named so. Senganthal is the state flower of TamilNadu, and it only makes it fair to name a park after it. 

The Horticulture department has created this eco-park with over 150 species of trees and over 30,000 ornamental plants. The park’s outer walls are painted in shades of greens, of pictures depicting trees and lush green lands. 

This project costed around five crores and is located between Radhakrishnan Salai and Avvai Salai. The residents in and around can now enjoy an abundance of fresh air from the green area. “The Chief Minister of TamilNadu will soon inaugurate the park”, said the Director of Horticulture Department and Plantation Crops, N. Subbaiyan.

The park is spread over a whopping area of 6.3 acres and has sustainable facilities like solar panels to run the motors and a self-water body that can collect rainwater. They will also have an open-air gym, and the park will have a dedicated space for playing traditional games like paramapadham. As we all get busy getting along with our mundane lives, such things help keep us rooted to our past. 

The walls of the parks will have traditional paintings to add to the nostalgia and ‘Chennai vibes’. Now the residents and people around can sit back, relax and enjoy the best of nature at this place. Senthangal Poonga is the new exciting factor for residents of Chennai. What do you think? How excited are you for this new green space?

Featured image courtesy – The Hindu