Chennai to get smarter; Automatic streetlights and smart classrooms among 17 projects proposed

17 projects worth Rs.324 crores have been cleared under the Chennai Smart City initiative on Tuesday. Some of the key projects include automatic street lights, smart parking management system, footpath development and bicycle sharing facility, common command and control centre for various infrastructure agencies in the city and installation of electromagnetic flow meters.

In one of the interesting projects under the smart city initiative, 4091 remotely monitored street lights are proposed to be installed in zones 9,13 and in areas of T Nagar under zone 10. These lights, which will automatically be switched on at night and turned off in the morning, will help reduce power consumption and staff dependency. The cost of this project is estimated at Rs. 7.98 crore. With this system in place, any problem with street lamps will be automatically detected.

A proposal to install 251 electromagnetoc flow meters has been submitted and this would help in calculating the quantum of water collected, treated and supplied. This would help with better tracking of water supply and helps check misuse of water.

Cycles tracks running up to 17 km and equipped with reflectors and bollards is a 36 Lakhs worth project under the smart city initiative . Thermoplastic paint markings, signboards and stencilling on the roads is also in cards.

Installing solar power panels in around 1500 Chennai Corporation buildings, developing pavements and footpaths, automated parking, and developing smart class rooms in corporation run schools are all considered under the Smart City initiative.

Featured Image Source: Mohamed Shainsha