Chennai Schools Get Ready to Reopen on Monday

Most of the schools in Chennai are readying up to reopen on Monday. However, public health experts are urging school authorities to ensure all safety measures are in place before the kids are let in to the campuses.

Stagnant water, contaminated food and water, possible damaged electrical points etc pose a serious threat to the health and safety of students during this monsoon season. Health department and disaster management cells have been circulating advisories supporting schools and colleges affected by the rains.

The school authorities are advised to use pest control services to disinfect the classrooms, playgrounds and gardens. As per the advisory, overhead tanks and drinking water stations should be cleaned and refilled & fogging is to be undertaken if mosquitoes have increased.

Most of the school managements have strictly enforced serving boiled water and freshly cooked meals to students. Posters have been prepared to educate students about personal hygiene. The advisories also urge schools to check power points and electrical equipment before students are let in.

Health department officials have offered support to the school authorities. School managements can dial 104 for technical advice and support.

Featured Image Source: Madhusudanan Parthasarathy