Chennai Metro Stations will soon Go Green

Chennai Metro Stations will soon be generating power using something that’s available in abundance in Chennai; Solar energy is to be used to run the facilities at city’s metro stations and for maintenance of trains.

The contract to install solar panels to generate around 6 MW of power in all metro stations has already been signed between CMRL and a Mumbai based private company. The solar panels are expected to reduce the expenses of CMRL by over Rs.1 crore an year.

The energy solution provider will install solar photo-voltaic panels atop all metro stations and the clean energy generated by this will be used for running facilities like lighting, air-conditioning, escalators, elevators and other electrical facilities used by public across the stations.

Currently, there are solar panels installed on the roof of Koyambedu administrative building. This 1 MW capacity panel generates 5,000 units per day and supplies power to the administrative office and other train maintenance work. This alone is helping CMRL save close to Rs.1 crore every year.

Here’s to a greener Chennai! 

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