Chennai Corporation Preps to face the Monsoon Woes

The monsoon woes are still fresh in the minds of Chennaites and Chennai Corporation is taking all necessary steps ahead of Northeast monsoons to address any state of emergency in the city. The preparations include setting up local community centres with facility to cook quick meals, identifying schools that can be doubled up as temporary shelters in case of an evacuation. Corporation has also set up a 24 hour flood helpline in addition to the 1913 Corporation complaints helpline.

121 multipurpose evacuation shelters have been set up and are managed by 24/7 helpline control rooms. 176 temporary shelters have been opened in the state with 4 public kitchens to provide food for 1,500 people. 109 boats have been arranged for tackling an emergency flood situation along with 50 drinking water booths. State government is also setting up medical camps to detect and prevent outbreak of epidemics. Hospitals will be making arrangements for the power back-up at Intensive and Critical Care Units.

Officials will continuously be monitoring the low lying flood prone areas to discharge rainwater using motor pumps if needed. The 24/7 flood helpline would be available to log all complaints on water logging, sewer overflow and other monsoon problems. 70,367 water bodies in the city are being monitored for any breach flooding in the low-lying areas and the water supply department is taking care of periodic chlorination of drinking water.

The Corporation officials are working in tandem with Regional Meteorological Department and Chennai City Police to speed up relief activities and Fire and Rescue department to help clear uprooted trees and hoardings.

Featured Image Source: Srivatsan Sankaran