Biomining method to be used to clear Tamabaram Dumpyard

The Kannadapalayam dump yard in Tambaram Municipality will finally be cleared of the toxic waste. The municipality officials are finally  doing the needful after years of struggle by the residents to clear the dump yard that posed a threat to the neighborhood. The Biomining method is to be followed for clearing the dump yard. In addition to this, the municipality has also started the segregation of degradable and non-degradable waste at source itself.

The National Green Tribunal had issued warning against the municipality over the threat posed by the dump yard and issued an order for its removal earlier this year. The move to clear the dump yard comes after this. There were plans to convert the dump yard into a garden earlier and later this was changed to opt biomining. Waste will be segregated by a machine and combustible materials like plastic and wood sent to cement factories to be used as alternate fuel.

Over 1.5 Lakh tonne garbage heap in 2.3 acre land is planned  to be cleared in an year.Tenders are being floated to finalize the contractor.