Beat the Chennai heat with these natural coolants

Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the sweaty embrace of Chennai summer. Remember trying to take a shower during the day only to be bathed in hot water? Yes, it’s that time of the year when Chennai sweats even in shower. It’s that time when one has to resist the urge to stick their head in a fan or covering themselves in ice.

For all of us sweltering away in Chennai, here is a compilation of natural coolants


Thankfully, watermelon is one of those fruits we can all agree on. Few things shout out the coming of summer quite like the arrival of watermelon at the local market. It’s refreshing and delicious, and the perfect fruit to keep yourself hydrated. C’mon, it has water in its name for a reason!

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Nannari Sarbath

Give artificial aerated drinks a miss this season, and try Nannari sarbath with lemon. This natural coolant is not only good for your health, but also easy on your wallet.

Here’s a great recipe to make Nannari sarbath

Tender Coconut

Have a tender coconut a day and keep the heat problems at bay. This is the most sweet and sterile drink you could ask for in summer.


Now, this is one coolant to be relished. Buttermilk comes with great health benefits and even greater taste.

Check out this mor recipe which will leave you asking for some mor

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Kambu Koozh

Taste, nutrition and coolant all rolled into one! Kambu koozh has been part of our traditional diet for a reason.

Check out this Kambu koozh recipe and thank us later!

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Curd Rice

Thayir sadam is our soul food! Nothing like this light and cooling diet to calm your body.

Here’s a link to a lipsmacking Thayir sadam recipe

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Karimbu Juice

Nothing more thirst quenching and cooling than Karimbu juice mixed with ginger and lemon. Just slurp as much of this as possible this summer.

Try out this Karimbu juice recipe

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How refreshing this one is! Just scoop it and have it. Nongu is not just a coolant; doctors and nutritionists swear by its medicinal values.

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