Beach, breeze and a movie under the stars – a dreamy evening at Prarthana drive-in theatre

Sit by the beach on a weekend, feeling the evening sea breeze waft past you, in the cozy comfort of your car with food and popcorn, while watching a movie screened against the open sky – well, it’s not a scene straight out of an English romcom. This is what an evening in Chennai’s Prarthana drive-in theatre at East Coast Road, Injambakkam is like. 

Prarthana drive-in is India’s first beach-side drive-in theatre. The theatre has an adjoined restaurant and a gallery with a capacity of over 500 seats. One can enjoy the movie either by sitting inside the car or from the gallery. This experience can be enjoyed by those without a car as well.

The screen is of about 4500sq.ft with well-equipped DTS sound system and xenon lamp house for crystal clear image and gives viewers an amazing movie watching experience.

Prarthana drive-in theatre is the dream of its founder Dr. N. Devanathan who fantasized watching a story unfold on a grandiose screen that is nestled in Chennai city’s sky along with the mild rumbling of the coastal breeze.

Image Source: akash_petrolhead

Situated in the entertainment corridor of Chennai, ECR , Prarthana drive-in theatre is easily accessible. The outdoor theatre offers more flexibility than the indoor ones with enough space for kids to run around and play.

The evening sea-breeze and the open sky makes for a great movie watching experience here.

Go grab your picnic mats, snacks and watch your favorite stars right under the stars, Chennai!

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