Artificial Intelligence Solution installed at Chennai Central to detect criminals entering the station

Travelers can breathe a little safer as Chennai police have now installed an artificial intelligence (AI)-trained facial recognition system at Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. MGR Central railway station. The system consists of a CCTV camera device backed by artificial intelligence which automatically detects criminals passing through the gates of the station. The AI software takes it a step further by alerting the authorities.

Pixxon AI Solution, a Startup based in Chennai has developed and installed the software at the station. T. Muthukumar, chief technical officer of the firm said, “The entry/exit gate is equipped with a High Spec camera, connected to the facial recognition system server. The camera collects footages of those entering and exiting”. A database of over 60,000 people with criminal records has been prepared and uploaded to the system for quicker identification. The software completes the facial recognition in less than 300 milliseconds and alerts the authorities in case of a match.

The database would be of help in detecting cases of missing children and persons. This implementation of software would bring down the cases of human trafficking through trains.