Anna Nagar Residents go the extra mile to save trees in their neighborhood 

The persistence and efforts of Residents’ Welfare Associations, Civic Exnora Club of Anna Nagar and tree-loving residents of Anna Nagar has finally borne fruit when Chennai Corporation replaced the concrete slabs around trees planted by the road with perforated cement slabs.

Few years back, Anna Nagar residents went on a tree planting drive with support from various NGOs. The trees were watered regularly and some corporates also pitched in my providing tree guards. The initiative faced a set back when pedestrian platforms were constructed along the roads with cement slabs preventing the seeping of water thereby stunting the growth of the planted saplings.

The members of the tree planting initiative started a campaign to have these cement slabs replaced with perforated cement slabs. The members of the campaign approached Greater Chennai Corporation authorities with a request to replace the cement slabs with perforated cement slabs. After years of struggle, the campaign has had a successful turnaround when Chennai Corporation installed perforated cement slabs at 13th main Road, 2nd Avenue and Shanti Colony.

“Contrary to popular perception, there are officials who understand the issues and try their best to solve them. But delay is inevitable. There is nothing like persistence and walking the extra mile with the officials concerned ” The Hindu reported Mr. Balasubramanian, the President of Exnora Club as saying.

Featured Image Source: Don Simon