Chennai Gets a New Accident and Emergency Care Initiative Centre

Working towards reducing the number of accident fatalities in the city, Tamil Nadu government has opened a new Accident and Emergency Care initiative centre in Chennai. State health minister, C Vijaya Baskar inaugurated this 28 bed facility in the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital attached to the Madras Medical College. The 25 lakh facility is equipped with state of art facilities and trained staff.

Of the 28 beds in the facility, 2 are for resuscitation, 5 are for critically ill patients and coded red, 16 are coded yellow for patients with moderate injuries, and 5 are for patients with minor injuries.

No patient will remain in the centre for more than 6 hours. Critically ill Patients will be stabilized and sent to the ICU and those in yellow will be admitted as in-patients. Patients on green will be tested as out-patients and sent home”, Health secretary, J Radhakrishnan told Times Of India.

The centre will also have life saving equipments like ventilator and defibrillator in addition to other diagnostic devices including ultrasound, ECG and X-ray.

Currently, Tamil Nadu is one of the states with highest number of accidents and deaths caused by it.