A Pictorial Tribute to Chennai’s lesser known Heroes – Our Mounted Police

They are woven into the fabric of Marina beach, their silhouette against the setting sun in Marina is a common sight, they pop up regularly along the Marina shoreline – such is their presence that, without them, Marina feels incomplete. Our heroes astride horses – Chennai’s very own mounted police.

They help deter crime and they are there when we need them. Here is a pictorial tribute to Chennai’s lesser known heroes(and heroines) ! #Salute

Photo By: Padmanabhan Rangarajan

Photo By: Sathiya Seelan

Photo By: Michael Wong

Photo By: Krishnan Soundararajan 

Image Source: Santhosh Yathindra

Photo By: Sai Prasad VVS

Photo By: Sharath Chandra

Photo By: Padmanabhan Rangarajan

Photo By: Nishanth Krish