5 Express Trains to Skip Chennai Central by March

Southern Railways is amending the stoppage of certain express trains to Chennai in a move to decomgest Chennai Central. In a move that will reduce theĀ average passenger handling capacity of Chennai Central by 3000 to 4000, five long distance trains will be diverted via Perambur, skipping Chennai Central. This change is expected to be in effect from March next year.

The express trains to be rerouted are operated to Bihar, West Bengal and Assam from Karnataka and Kerala. This will also be reducing the run time of these trains by 90 minutes.

Here are the 5 trains that are to be diverted :

  • 22643/22644 Ernakulam – Patna -Ernakulam bi weekly express
  • 22641/22642 Thiruvananthapuram – Shalimar -Thiruvananthapuram bi weekly express
  • 15227/15228 Yesvantpur-Muzaffarapur-Yesvantpur Weekly Express
  • 12515/12516 Thiruvananthapuram – Guwahati -Thiruvananthapuram Weekly Express
  • 12509/12510Bengaluru Cantonment – Guwahati – Bengaluru Cantonment Tri weeklyExpress

The decongesting of Chennai Central will also help utilize the platforms for new trains originating from Chennai.

Trains operated by Southern Railway, serving southern regions like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru will be prioritized while alloting platform in the morning.

With this move, the urge to have proper chairs and shelters to be built in Perambur station has intensified.

Featured Image Source: Don Simon